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George M. Diekhoff, Ph.D.

Let a Ph.D. author of two statistics textbooks guide you through a successful dissertation!


I'm George M. Diekhoff, Ph.D., the sole proprietor of Dissertation Statistics Helper.

I've helped hundreds of students and professionals complete their dissertations, theses, DNP capstone projects, program evaluations, clinical trials, and other research, and I'd be honored to help you too.


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Research Design and Statistical Consulting for students and professionals who need help with:

  • research design 
  • statistical analyses
  • survey construction and hosting
  • dissertation statistics, thesis statistics, and DNP capstone research projects
  • program evaluations
  • clinical trials
  • school- or employment-related projects requiring any form of statistical analysis



I provide statistical consulting services of the highest quality at a fair and affordable cost. Your initial consultation is free. If I believe that I can assist you and you decide to hire me, I will not charge you anything in advance. I complete your work first and you pay me after you are satisfied with what I've done.

You will work with me and me only; I'll never outsource your project to some nameless "quant."

My fees are far lower than those charged by the big statistical consulting companies. I charge at an hourly rate of $75/hour for statistics-intensive work and $50/hour for technical editing, but I don't bill for nearly all the work I do.

Over the last five years, the average dissertation project has cost $850, start to finish, but a third of the projects I helped with cost under $400.

You don't have to worry that emailing or calling me with a question will result in "billable hours" because explanations and follow-ups are free. You'll get unlimited free email, telephone, and videoconferencing follow-up support.

Statistical Analyses
  • Sample size and power analysis using G*Power and SPSS SamplePower software
  • Data cleaning and screening
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Confidence intervals
  • Significant difference tests (e.g., t-tests, one-way and all factorial ANOVAs, ANCOVAs and other parametric tests)
  • Mann-Whitney U, Wilcoxon T, Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA by ranks, exact sign test, and other nonparametric tests)
  • Procedures for use with heterogeneous variances (e.g., Welch's robust F test, Games-Howell post hoc comparisons)
  • Correlations (e.g., Pearson, Spearman, point-biserial, chi-square, partial & semi-partial correlations)
  • Psychometric analyses (e.g., Item-total analyses, Cronbach's alpha)
  • Multiple correlation and regression (direct, stepwise, hierarchical, polynomial regression, analysis of mediating variables and moderator variables)
  • Canonical correlation
  • Binary logistic regression
  • MANOVA and MANCOVA (one-way, factorial, within-subjects, between-subjects, and mixed designs)
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Exploratory factor analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Multidimensional scaling analysis

All analyses are done using the latest IBM SPSS statistical software, IBM SamplePower, and G*Power software .

I will provide you with all data, syntax, and outputs. I will write up your results completely and clearly in APA style, publication-ready or near-ready with format tweaking specific to your target journal. You can use my work verbatim if your university allows that, or you can use it as a model to write your own product. We'll work together to make sure you completely understand the results of your analyses. You'll be fully prepared and confident going into your oral defense.


If your program is one of the many that allows their students to work with a methodologist or statistical consultant, I will be happy to work with you. Many graduate and professional programs wisely encourage students to seek out a methodologist or statistics consultant to help with statistics and research design. Most research projects you will undertake after your degree is granted will be collaborative efforts and most research grant budgets include a line for a methodologist or statistical consultant.

When you hire me, your data will be held in strictest confidence. I will never use your data for my own research. I will never divulge the identity of my clients without their written permission. If you choose me to assist you with your dissertation analyses, we will develop a working relationship that is built on a foundation of mutual respect, honesty, integrity, and trust.



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